RAUKA: ‘We Kissed 100 Times’ Shaffie Assures Irene

We all love our sleep and some of us are not morning people and waking up is quite a hustle. So getting a phone call and it’s a prank is the last thing you’d expect.

Every morning from Monday to Friday, Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru ‘rausha’ someone by playing a prank on them.

Well, Shaffie being the ninja he is with pranks, called a lady called Irene who wasn’t feeling Shaffie’s vibe considering she was half asleep.

He tried to convince Irene that they met four years ago before he flew out of the country. He went on to tell her that they Kissed 100 times, but she wasn’t falling for it.

Listen to the full prank below;

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