Ati you want what?!! A lass was this morning left in shock after Kiss FM presenter Shaffie Weru made a bizarre request for a hotel room.

This was during the Rauka segment on Kiss FM every weekday, where Shaffie gets an SMS from a listener who wants him to ‘rausha’ a friend.

So Shaffie obliged and called Beatrice, who owns a bed and breakfast. He requested for a hotel room, not a problem right?..That was until he requested for some weird stuff. He wanted everything in the room to be black. He even requested for human blood.

Shaffie,” Beatrice, I want you to know money is not a problem. So here is what I want you to provide for my special night out. Let me just give you a list of what I need, because I am ready to pay. We do not eat white meat, only black meat.

Beatrice from here expresses disgust; Arrggh. Nani alikupatia number yangu?’

Shaffie, “ Let me finish my list I will tell you. Can you organize human blood?

Beatrice, “Excuse me? Human blood? Huh!! Then I’m sorry.  Siwezi”.

Shaffie, “We just need human juice”.

Beatrice, “Huh? Are you godly? We don’t offer such juice, except mango, orange..”

Beatrice wasn’t having it. She hang up on him.


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