It’s bad enough it’s a cold Monday morning, but what’s worse is a prank call from shaffie Weru on Kiss FM’s Rauka segment pretending to be an auctioneer.

Every weekday on the Kiss FM breakfast with the Stars show, Adelle and Shaffie call a listener to ‘rausha’ them. This is only after someone texts the name and telephone number of the person they want to be ‘raushuad’.

For Jamoh, it was like an episode out of MTV Boiling Point. Have you ever watched it? The pranks pulled on people are out of this world.

And so Shaffie pretended to be an auctioneer coming to repossess property owned by Jamoh and his dad, arising from a bad debt. Here’s how it went down;

Shaffie; My name is Kimani from the auction.

Jamoh; Auction ya nini?

Shaffie; So you have delayed in the payment and in 48 hours your deadline expires.

Jamoh; Auction ya?

Shaffie;’re pretending you don’t know what’s happening?

Jamoh; Labda uniambie sijui.

So the conversation goes on for a while, then Jamoh can’t stand it anymore. He hang up three times on Shaffie.

Jamoh; Kuja uchukue, wewe unanitisha nini?

Shaffie; Si ule alichukua alikuweka kama security! Stop pretending, tunakuja, na tukikuja y ou are not going to like it. infact kama uko na bibi tutachukua pia huyo.

Jamoh; Unatishia maisha nani sasa? Ebu kwanza hii nuba naenda kuireport’.

Listen to the audio as Jamoh reaches his boiling point with Shaffie below;


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