Every weekday, Breakfast With The Stars presenters Shaffie Weru and Adelle Onyango ‘rausha’ someone by playing a prank on them.

So this Tuesday morning someone texted Shaffie asking him to rausha her boyfriend Jackson, who needed to wake up ASAP. In case anyone from your squad is still asleep, text their details to 22494 so we can wake them up the RAUKA way!

Leave the rest up to Shaffie.

So this morning Shaffie was acting as Man Macash who wanted Jackson to sell his voters card, and also get him more cards. Sadly Jackson was only too happy to oblige asking Man Macsh where to send the voters cards in return for money.

Weuh! Listeners were shocked Jackson would agree to such an outrageous request. See some comments below

goood morning KISS, rauka ya leo just made my day. The guy ‘Jackson’ fell for everything…

Kaaaiiii the vip section of hell is yours cc that guy that has been raushuad

That call is SCARY AS HELL .A politician can move around and BUY votes????

I’m Man MaCash, I can buy anything you know.

Listen in to the audio conversation between Shaffie and Jackson;

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