October the month of beer, random rains, stingy sunshines, festivals and murder cases has finally come to a grand closing!

Looking at the biggest highlights of October Chapter of 2018, Jackie Maribe has finally gotten bail and been reunited with her family, #TheRaverend wil definitely miss all the poems shared by Denise Ole-iTumbi weekly….

As for Jowie, Maribe’s fiancé, his TV appearance has officially been suspended until June 2019. Jowie will technically miss Christmas, New Year, Valentines and Easter holidays…

The judge’s comments on Jowie being a slay king and a woman eater was the talk of town… Moving on to another highlight of October Chapter 2018, all Kenyans including #TheRaverend, celebrated #NdegeYetu, the KQ flight that made its inaugural trip to New York JFK airport…

As far as #TheRaverend is concerned, this was a moment of national importance, and in fact Kenya deserved a public holiday!

All the Kenyans, including the two top lawyers who took issue with Kenyans celebrating this momentous milestone, can go jump in the nearest river or dam….

#TheRaverend like other patriotic Kenyans, we were as proud AF! En we don’t get many wins as the citizens of this republic, and we shall not allow Twitter-hungry lawyers or bitter souls to take this moment away from us!

Finally on #TheRaverends’ October 2018 chapter, Vera Sidika and her musician boyfriend Otile Brown have called it quits. #TheRaverend had predicted this relationship will not see Christmas, and sadly, #TheRaverend was correct.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown
Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown

One of the lessons that all boy childs need to take away from the Vera-Otile Brown break-up is simple: No boy child should ever borrow CASH from a lady.

Asking for loan or a handout from anyone of the female species is the most dangerous thing anyone can ever attempt…

Dudes are not even advised to borrow money from their own blood sisters, unless you want drama… The only female who can give a male cash and you consider taking it without any drama is from your MOTHER!

How Otile expected to get away with smashing plastic Barbie and at the same time get cash out of it is still a mystery to #TheRaverend!

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