Rayvanny was making headlines for all the wrong reasons last year. The major one was when he was alleged to be cheating on his wife with video vixen, Nanah.

The girl was his partner in his song, ‘I Love You’. Days after the rumors, his wife took to his DM and broke things off. It broke him so much Rayvanny reposted it and announced their separation. Read it all below incase the holidays messed with your memory:

‘Count Jay and I as dead to you!’ Rayvanny dumped by wife (SCREENSHOT)

His wife Fayvanny did an interview with Lil Ommy and insisted Nanah was not the cause of her break up with the Tanzanian star. She mentioned there is much more than meets the eye.

As we started off 2020, Nanah decided to start it on a clean slate. She introduced her man to the world with the sweetest caption so far this year. She wrote,

Your more than a best friend, fiance, husband, family, supporter and pipi to me. Let me take this opportunity to thank Allah and be grateful. Still I don’t believe that you exist in my life! You mean everything to me 😩. Nimetukanwa na kusemwa na ilifikia hatua hata nikatengwa na ndugu,jamaa na marafiki ila ulisimama nami na kunishika mkono, Nikisema nianze kuelezea hapa sitamaliza ila thank you so much for being such a wonderful person in this journey of mine!! I HEART YOU SINCE DAY ONE ❤️😔. May this year bring you more and more blessings babah!


So sweet right?

Instagram in laws can now calm down and stop accusing her of being a homewrecker because she already has her own home. What we thought we saw was her doing her job as a vixen. She is really good at it because we all fell for the rumors.

‘It hurts me…’ Ravyanny’s girlfriend, Fayvanny on why their relationship ended

Anyway, meet Nanah’s Pipi below:

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