WCB’s mansion is on fire yet again! And a woman is at the heart of the problems blazing at the major record label. Diamond once more finds himself at the eye of the storm but this time it also involves Rayvanny, his right-hand artiste.

According to reports coming out of Tanzanian tabloids, Rayvanny’s women, Fahima or as she calls herself Fahivanny is the aggressor who has been running after Diamond, trying to get into his bed. All this while Diamond’s own woman, Tanasha Donna is nursing their newborn son.

SCANDALOUS! Rayvanny opens up about allegations he cheated on wife with sexy tanzanian actress who killed a man

It should also be remembered that at the heart of the Diamond Platnumz – Harmonize schism was the fact that Diamond revealed in a song that Mwarabu fighter had slept with Sarah Michelotti and Harmonize had taken her back.

The bodyguard Diamond Platnumz accused of sleeping with Harmonize girlfriend finally speaks

And not all is well at the Rayvanny home front as he was also accused of sleeping with a Tanzanian actress known as Amber Lulu. And according to the reports, Tanasha is aware and is livid that Diamond might be back to his usual antics.

Rayvanny’s wife breaks her silence over Rayvanny cheating scandal

Only time will tell whether or not Rayvanny is being made a fool of and whether or not Rayvanny will leave WCB as a result or whether all this jazz is say it with me… Bullshit.