For a while now, people have been hypothesizing and speculating about both Harmonize and Rayvanny’s exit from Diamond Platnumz record label, WCB Records.

Diamond Platnumz earlier in the week addressed the rumours that his stars were unsatisfied with their contracts. It was, however, time to hear Rayvanny speak on these rumours and allegations and wouldn’t you know it, he acquiesced and answered questions regarding allegations that have swirled around about Diamond being tight-fisted.

WCB management shaken by resignation of second artiste manager

Rayvanny started off by clarifying the situation with his contract. He is still a Top Top Connection artiste but he is also signed to Wasafi records. This existing contract between him and WCB doesn’t, however, stop him from working with people he chooses to.

He also said that he would perhaps pursue divergent projects like setting up his own imprint but he says that his loyalty to Wasafi Records wouldnae allow him to exit on bad terms. Actually, they themselves would have to kick him out of WCB.


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