Rayvanny decided to work with a young female singer of Moroccan descent by the name of Nora Fatehi. Before the collaboration, I had no idea who she was but when I Googled her, this is what I discovered:

Nora  Fatehi was born in 1992, and she is a Canadian dancer, model, actress and singer who has mainly appeared in Hindi films. She has also starred in Malayalam and Telugu films.

Rayvanny, as we know, is a huge East African star signed to WCB and if you did not know this then you have been living under a rock. The two decided to collaborate on a track called Pepeta. it was produced by Rayvanny’s producer S2kizzy.

Rayvanny gifts Tetema producer brand new car

Thankfully for once, they provided the full details as to who shot and directed the video, where it was shot at and who wrote the lyrics and arranged the vocals. Check out the details below:

The Pepeta music video was directed by Abderrafia El Abdioui and the track composed by S2Kizzy Tizaf Mohcine. It was arranged by Tizaf Mohcine for SEVENMENSTUDIO – Marrakesh. RayVanny, Raja Kumari and Amaar baz & Ebraheem Baggash worked on the lyrics.

Production credit went to Nora Fatehi & RayVanny and production service was provided by Little Bee Productions, Bangkok.