Mike Sonko Versace
Mike Sonko wearing his hold Versace lapel pin

Mike Sonko who came in to help Miriam Kighenda’s family with her funeral has penned a rather touching post about Miriam and her daughter Amanda Mutheu.

Nairobi’s Governor Mike Sonko said this about the two who found their untimely demise when the car they were travelling in sank into the bottom of the Indian Ocean after sliding off the ferry.

Mike Sonko said the following:

Indeed, it has been a long journey both at heart and on our busy roads.
But we thank God our SRT team arrived safely and sound in Makueni County with family members of the Likoni ferry accident victims Mariam Kighenda and her four-year-old daughter, Amanda Mutheu.
We will all follow the same route. ‘Every soul shall undergo death’. As we lay to rest Mariam and Amanda, my prayers go to the rest of the family, including Alvin, the young son and his father Mr John Wambua.
May God Rest Their Souls In Eternal Peace, Amin.