Monicah Kimani

Monicah Nyawira was found dead in her apartment on Kitale Lane off Dennis Pritt road by her brother George Thiru.

Monicah’s hands were tied behind her, her throat was slit and she was floating on the bathtab, dead.

The murders locked her house and left with the keys. The police are yet to make any arrests.

Read how Monicah’s brother smelled a rat when she did not respond to his calls or Whatsapp messages in the link below.

‘Ohh, they have killed her and cut her up,’ Father of Monicah Nyawira, murdered in Kilimani speaks out

The grieving family described Monicah as a fan loving, kind and hardworking person. Who shall forever be missed.

Monicah’s last Facebook posts spoke volumes to who she was as a person.

In one post, Monicah wrote: “When you have your own its just great only look towards God not man.”

Followed by this powerful and impairing quote.

Monicah Kimani

Her last post was about her sporting activity in South Sudan with what looks like work colleagues at the Dr. Biar Sports Complex. This was on September 16.

Monicah wrote, “I can kick a ball ⚽️ and surprisingly to many am good at it l. Sunday fun work out.”

Another post that caught our attention was one where she was talking about mental health.

She then shared the following photos.

Monicah Kimani Monicah Kimani

Gone too soon! Living the high life, Meet Monicah Nyawira Kimani, the former Nation employee, who was brutally murdered

Monicah wrote, “Reminding all family and friends…”

Addressing it to her close pals, “My house is a safe zone. Coffee/tea can be on in minutes, or if you prefer a glass of wine, easily done. My sofa is a place of peace and non-judgment and somewhere for you to stay if you need. Anyone who needs to chat is welcome anytime. We can talk, share a laugh or two, or just listen. It’s no good suffering in silence.”

She continued, “We can can cook food (it doesn’t have to be perfect) we can eat and cry. We can go for a walk. I will always do my best to be available…you are always welcome! This is an old value that has been lost to technology…a text, facetime, gif or emoji is nowhere near the same as face to face communication. Could at least one friend please copy this and re-post. #mentalhealthawareness #itsokaynottobeokay.”

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