Pierra Makena is one of the most amazing and talented female celebrities in the industry.

Her prowess as a female DJ is outstanding and she does her best to prove that even women can be good DJ’s in the male dominated field.

Pierra Makena/ Instagram

Well, it seems Mishi Dorah has an issue with Pierra after she came out blazing hot, bashing Pierra for body shaming her yet she’s been a victim of that for a while now.

Misha took to social media to express her anger saying, “B****leave my f*****g life alone… Why you so bitter with me?? I’m I the one that your bby daddy left you for and got married to?? Abeg if I’m sexy or not how is it your cup of tea?? Wewe nahiyo mwili yako sexy siuliachwa tu bado n mimba kama Mimi?? Go fix your life before trying to fix others… Telling me how old iam B I’m only 26… In 2015 you are 33.. We in 2018 how old are you again?? Ama miaka waehesabu zikirudi nyuma… Lastly go give birth to 3 kids and then come show me how sexy you still look kama you’ve just given birth to one n ndo unakaa anguro (pig) ya Kwetu… Nkt…listen to me wewe DJ opiere, Don’t f*** with my brains B. Wondering why you’ve blocked me n you said you ready for me…. No nincompoop f*** with me… No one gives me BULSH*T n you ain’t an exception nitwit ……”

Pierra Makena and her daughter/ Instagram

But even with all this going on, Pierra still knows what matters the most to her and her loving daughter is just that.

She took to social media to state that she now understands what love means after giving birth to her.

She wrote, “It is because of you, my Ricca, that I now understand all of those quotes about love. #FirstWcw2018 #BeYou.”

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