Lupita Nyongo’s dad cannot believe someone has the gal to sext him, shamelessly.

Profesor Anyang Nyong’o who is the Kisumu governor and father to the Oscar award winning actress has spoken up about being harassed by an unknown slay queen.

The governor explained that a woman had been sending him nude photos and very disturbing messages on his WhatsApp on most nights.

In an interview with the Nairobian, Anyang Nyong said:

“I wonder if some people sleep. It is mid-night and when you open your phone, your hear pop-up messages all over WhatsApp,” he said.

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“We need to use the devices responsibly in a humane manner. We need to share good ideas and not only assaults or sexual explorations.”

The mheshimiwa is very perplexed about this matter. He doesn’t understand why he is being targeted.

“I never gave her my number. I even don’t know who she is, yet she kept tormenting me at night with love messages.”

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The issue got out of hand, the governor decided to reported the harassment to the police whom, Nyong’o claim have gone silent on the matter and haven’t help at all.

“I blocked her number but after a few months, she resurfaced with her rude and nude pictures and romantic messages. The police didn’t get back to me on their findings, so i don’t know if they inherited her.”

Nyong’o is not the only Mheshimiwa that has been the target of these lewd messages. MP Junet Mohammed said in an interview,

“Yes, some are so shocking and I keep on deleting. I wonder who that woman is, but she is crazy. Some of them you may not even stand watching them with naked eyes, as they show parts of human anatomy that are disturbing,” he said.

Adding, “Some of the pictures I have here are parts of a naked human being, if I show you, you cannot even look with your eyes (sic).”

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