Aisha Nour Khathwibu popularly known as Truphena is one talented actress who has cracked our ribs with her role in a local series, Real Househelps of Kawangware.

Many of her fans were confused on why they havent been seeing her in the show in the latest episodes.

In an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast With the Stars, Truphena revealed she left the show because she wanted to grow.

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I left real househelps of Kawangware because I want to grow and as they say if you want to go fast, you go alone and if you want to go far, you go with people. So mimi naona speed yangu haiendani na ya watu wengine alafu pia I know what I want in life. My mission in life is to bring people together as a peacemaker. Unajua nikiona mawazo yangu na yako hazikaribiani, nakuachilia nikienda mbio,” she explained.

When asked where she is at the moment or rather what she’s currently doing after leaving the show, she said, “For now, I’m not in TV, but I’ve started a YouTube channel although I haven’t started feeding it with content. The things people are seeing on Youtube are just the intros. So there’s something I want to start officially and I’m in the process of planning everything.”

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She went ahead to share how she started acting, and she confessed that she’s also fallen victim of the many NOs that people receive.

I went for an audition. I’ve been going for auditions, they turn you down and at some point you get tired and start something else. But acting is a calling. If someone wants to be where we are now, they should know that acting is a lot of work. One should be dedicated to it just like any other job because it pays the bills and changes our lives.”

So how did she deal with the NOs?

Audition ni kama interview. You’ll get there and you’ll be told to do something, so you are the only one who knows what you want. Ukieka uoga saa zile unataka job, nani atakusaidia? Go for auditions believing in yourself and if you believe your job, don’t be lied to by a producer that they’ll give you a job. Be prayerful and believe in God,” she said.

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Adelle went ahead to ask her if life was difficult after she left the show and she said,

Si ati was life difficult. Life bado ni difficult mpaka saa hizi. I’m surviving but I hope for the best and everything happens for a reason. Most of the times I was shooting so I didn’t have time to focus on other things, so from the time I took a break, August, I got time to sit down and mediate about life. After I quit I realized that if I follow the path I choose, I’ll get what I want.”

Listen to the full interview below;

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