Till now Bahati and his Mapenzi video vixen Diana Marua are still hiding the fact that the two are deeply in love. From what I know, Bahati met Diana on Instagram and started dating late last year with their romance showering their social media, where they met.

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Well, it seems Bahati who does his things privately might have thought of wedding the 29 year old lass in a private wedding. NB; Not all social media relationships work but this one seems to raise questions constantly.


They Follower Each Other Like Sheep

We well know that early last year Bahati was looking for Mama Morgan and some of the qualities he cited were she should be younger than him. Well, Bahati sure does know how to contradict himself. Back to my point, Diana has been following Bahati everywhere he goes, from interviews to his studios to his house. Now that Bahati is in a media tour in Tanzania, you already guessed it. The lass is also there. Is there something we need to know?

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These Two Are Like Twins

They hit the headlines during the Machozi hit maker’s birthday where they rocked similar clothes. Their trend has gone on to date and were spotted rocking white clothes in Tanzania recently. Aren’t they just more than a dating couple?


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Is that a Pot Belly Or Baby Bump?

It seems Diana Marua eats too much of Githeri nowadays because her belly is growing. Is Bahati feeding her too much that she can barely have the flat belly she had earlier?

Look closely at her video;



In the meantime, check out the song that brought these two together;