Corazon Kwamboka just turned 26. And as a result, she has decided to share with her fans, haters, followers and customers one of her biggest life’s regret. At the end of the day, even trollops and socialites want to be loved afterall.

Were I to give my homies any advice, however, it would be to avoid a certain type of woman but this isn’t about me, it is about Corazon Kwamboka. And the lass who has launched an activewear clothes line called Genio Sport has decided to speak on the love of her life. Perhaps it is the fact that she is turning 26 which means her biological clock is ticking a tadbit faster.

The lass who was dating a European man up until just the other day had this to say:

‘Maybe you weren’t the one for me! But deep down I wanted you to be’ My birthday is in 2 days and I don’t know why I feel somber. Anyway, let me hit the gym. My athleisure set is from @genio_sport

The biological clock must be ticking that much louder for our learned sister the socialite lawyer.


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