Six months after BASATA banned her from performing or recording music, Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree can finally breath easy.

She released a video Vitamin U that was flagged by BASATA, owing to the raunchiness. In solidarity with Ros Ree, Timmy pulled down the video. So cute right?

She has finally been granted a conditional reprieve following an appeal in November to lift the ban imposed on her for going against the law in regard to her music content.

Rosa Ree’s appeal was successful, with BASATA rescinding their earlier decision and allowing the female rapper to continue with her music career, but with conditions.

In a letter addressed to Rosa Ree, BASATA affirmed that her appeal had been received but the following conditions would have to be adhered to:

1. Kuanzia tarehe ya barua hii, unaruhusiwa kuendelea na shughuli za sanaa, hivyo adhabu uliyopewa ya kufungiwa miezi 6 imeondolewa.

2. Kulipa faini ya Tsh milioni 2, kama ulivyoagizwa. Hii ilipwe ndani ya mwezi mmoja kuanzia tarehe 06/12/2019.

Adding that it is the belief of the board that Rose Ree will from then henceforth be a true ambassador of ethical music both within and without Tanzania.

Timmy T Dat and Rosa Ree post steamy bedroom video

Sharing the news on her Instagram page, the lass uploaded the letter from BASATA.

Napenda kutoa shukrani kwa ofisi ya Waziri wa Sanaa, Habari na Michezo Mhe. Harrison Mwakyembe pamoja na Baraza la sanaa #BASATA kwa kuniruhusu kuendelea kufanya shughuli zangu za sanaa….. Naahidi kufanya kazi zangu ipasavyo na kuendelea kuipeperusha bendera ya nchi yangu vyema!

Timmy T Dat has kept silent over the matter. Hopefully this time he will say something on social media in support of his ‘girlfriend’.

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