This man Diamond Platnumz is such a hard worker.

Not only is this guy working hard to make sure he is a father in all African countries but when it comes to his work ethic, it is 100.

His collabo with Fally Ipupa, Inama was released just a few weeks ago with 6 million plus views and today he has surprised us with another one, Kanyaga.

He sent out a teaser yesterday and it had already scooped likes and views. There is a couple that made that small verse as a dance routine in their wedding ceremony. Diamond has such a strong influence with his music.

When it comes to his songs, the lyrics always have a hidden meaning behind them. You really need to be attentive and read between the lines.

This new song, he is out here stepping hard on a list of people. He mentions slay queens, hypocrites, those that pretend to be your friend, fisi’s and those who feed you and then announce it.

He adds to the list exes and wives.

Diamond has a long list of exes and, maybe with this song he is just trying to say he is done with the past and he is now up for a new life with his pregnant girlfriend, Tanasha.

He calls this new song, Kanyaga the anthem. An anthem according to the Oxford dictionary is a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular cause.

Tanasha finally embraces her baby bump (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

So in case, the message is not clear, Diamond wants nothing to do with a lot from his past. He has decided to step on them and forget.

Listen to his new jam below:

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