Khaligraph Jones is definitely the OG and manz must be respected.

When it comes to the rap flow, he is winning, when it comes to being a cool and present father, he is winning, when it comes to a loving boyfriend, he is winning, when it comes to physical fitness he is definitely winning and when it comes to money moves, he is winning.

As people are stuck home and saving every coin they have, Khaligraph can not relate to such struggles.

He left his house, walked into a car yard and left Ksh 6.2 million less after purchasing the 2014 Porshe Cayenne.

Taking to social media, he was filmed in his new black machine during a test drive and of course, he was in a vest.

Guns must be seen.

He was casually dressed in a pair of shorts and sandals but what he was driving is nothing close to casual.

Papa Jones is clearly living his best life. So, ladies and gentlemen, music does pay.

The last time he was making headlines was just a week ago. Someone (Huddah) rubbed him the wrong way and he went hard on the babe.

It was a back and forth to a point Huddah gave up she even opted to give Khali a taste of her cookie so that he can finally leave her alone.

According to Huddah, he is mentioning her way too much.

‘Khaligraph, I’ll give you the cookie so that you finally leave me alone!’ Huddah shouts

Yoooo! Kiss 100 has too much love for Khaligraph. We are proud of you Papa Jones, keep winning.

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