Comedian Njugush shocked his fans when he announced the arrival of his son.

Many people thought that his wife Celestine Ndinda had still not given birth to their child. Only to discover that their son is a month old.

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Over the Easter holiday Njugush released the first photos of the baby with the message:

“The lord has been faithful…. Celestine Ndinda asante for this gift, you are that guy yaani, who would have thought we be here now? The other day we were kids, young and full of dreams, thanks for always supporting my Madness, wacha nichukue room aki  Niliamua kujipigia ngeta mapema mapema.
Sjui aitwe yao Ndio tuiitwe /mama/Baba yao.”

Njugush and Celestine Ndinda sure can keep a secret.

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Well, speaking to, Njugush seems to be a different dad after he revealed the kind of a gift he will want to gift his son when he turn a year old.

He said, “My first birthday gift to my child will be discipline. I might buy him some expensive things or even promise to do big things for my child but I never know if in one year’s time I will be having money. I remember there is one thing my parents gave us and we are so grateful to them and that is discipline, and I also think that is what I want to also give to my child. This is because nowadays, the way tunabring up watoi is so bad. I do not want to pamper my child so much that hajui naeza ongea na asikie. I know in one year’s time, anaeza kua hajui mob, but kama ni kuraise voice, ajue niko coz vitu najua ni mob na tutanunua, but discipline kwanza.”

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