Last week Sonko had a rough end of the week after DPP Noordin Haji’s ordered for his arrest over corruption allegation charges.

He was caught when in Voi and from the video that Kiss100 saw, there was an altercation between him and the many cops who were there to fly him to EACC, Nairobi.

Sonko was resisting arrest and in the midst of that, he was forcefully arrested. The back and forth led to his clothes being tattered and a few marks getting scratched onto his body.

‘Hiyo ni ufala’ Nairobi Senator Sakaja on Sonko’s representation on corruption allegations

Research shows that he was dressed in is a unique Versace T-shirt that cost him a whopping 531 dollars which is kh53,000. For a t-shirt.

With the damage, it is not even fixable. It will no be a duster in his mansion.

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