Willy Paul has added another name to his name dictionary King Pozze. No more Willy Paul Msafi, Willy Paul Bongo or Willy Pozze. Just recently Willy Paul was seen bragging how he delivered an electric performance during Groove Party’s end year event. It seems that that kind of bragging has gone too far.


Pozze has been seen posting photos of his performances for the Totally Sold Out and Groove party events. The photos are just fine but his comments on social media tell well that this singer is only interested in Youtube views, international fame and publicity stunts.

Na Siringi! Singer Willy Paul Brags About His Electric Performance At Machakos (VIDEO)


As one of Pozze’s fans, I would have expected him to put up the photos with more inspiring status captions that would open my eyes to see his God given talent, but noooo! The Tiga wana hit maker just had to brag about it.


Well, Pozze who has called himself a show killer referring to himself as King Pozze proves that his music is just meant for pure entertainment and not ministry. While other artist are doing good performances and preaching the gospel through talent, King Pozze goes ahead to brag about his electric international-like performance.

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It is evident that most artistes are motivated to do music for money but as for gospel artistes, I guess their number one goal should be ministry, or am I wrong? According to him, his Fanya song is a killer jam and I totally agree with him. A killer jam and a club banger  especially where he starts this song by talking in tongues.


This is Willy Paul’s take on his performance;
King pozzeeeeee…. show killer…Reggae… FANYA killer jam live…The number one performer!! @flamersdance … jeez we killed it…This is just the beginning, international performance… this year watu wana rudishwa ocha… no stopping… no space… just me… all the way up…


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