If you are looking to get in shape and look as amazing as Anelisa Muigai, join her through her journey.

She already looks as perfect as any Kenyan woman would want to be but lately, she feels like she’s gained a few kilograms and she is back to the gym to lose those kgs.

Anerlisa and her Tanzanian bae a month ago came out to address rumors of a breakup, after fans insisted they had broken up.

The lovers were on a social media break, according to an interview heard by Kiss 100, where Ben Pol insisted they were focusing more on family time.

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Anerlisa is also known to always embark on fitness journeys,at different times in her life, and thsi time round,  her news excited her female fans.

Here’s what she said on her Instagram feed;

getting myself together again, i want to get back to juicing again. i took a break from juicing to have normal foods but clearly you can see how many kgs.

Arnelisa is clearly one of those people you ought to look up to if you want to live a healthy beautiful life. Looking back at her struggles, she should be celebrated.

A holiday for her perhaps? haha.

We wish her the best and please share every step of your journey with us.

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