‘i like to antagonize my fans’ Rihanna has finally responded to the pressure being put on her by the public to release a song. Her ninth studio album not been produced for ages now. And she says its because she likes to antagonize her fans.

Concerning her album that was produced way back in 2016, all she said was that it will be continued. Rihanna’s act of antagonizing her fans is because she feels that her fans antagonize her a lot and therefore, it is her turn to do the same.

Seems like Rihanna is moving on shortly after her break up

Rihanna had earlier told her fans that her next album will consist of reggae and dancehall. She said that the reggae bit would major mostly on Bob Marley. She also promised her fans works from producer Supa dups.

The last time she spoke about albums, she said that her next album would be in 2019. And the anticipation went on. She later o posted a picture of a dancing dog and captioned;

update; me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it

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