Ringtone on this one I think was tricked because, in all fairness, there are some homosexuals who crossdress and wear makeup, making it hard for them to be distinguished as male rather than as attractive lasses.

Ringtone’s search for a wife leads him to Harmonize’s ex

According to screenshots posted by Robettah, he reached out to Ringtone to thank him for being an inspiration to his life only for the gospel artiste to hit on him. He shared the screenshot you can see below:

So Kiss 100 reached out to Ringtone for a comment and he said,

Hawa ni watu wamenda wacacreate ujinga zao. Wame photo shop, wameedit, wakijua that Mpasho itakam irun hi story na itrend. Watu wananijua wanajua hii ni ujinga. Mimi si mtu wa aina hiyo.

To be fair, as I said before, on this one I tend to lean more towards seeing the truth in Ringtone’s statement. Then again, everyone has a right to an opinion, MINE!