Ringtone has been rather vocal about trying to find himself a wife and from the looks of things, he has only just become successful.

It would seem his search led him all the way to Tanzania where he met and fell in love with Jacqueline Wolper.

If you do not know her, I do not blame you. While she is a huge name over in Bongoland, she is relatively unknown in Kenya, only being famous for having dated WCB star Harmonize.

It would seem to many an observer that Ringtone has a thing for the exes of the artistes signed to WCB.

He was first chasing after Zari before he now set his sights on Harmonize’s ex.

The video of the two together features Ringtone singing about needing a wife who has a certain set of qualities:

Wife material according to the gospel of St. Ringtone

The video quality is topnotch to be honest and was directed by Hanscana.

The song was produced by Teddy B and as always,, he does a good job on the instrumentals.

The jam is also engineered rather well so Ringtone singing in autotune doesn’t come off too loud or too low.

All in all, good effort.