Risper Faith actualized her hypergamy when she stopped chasing after useless men who were exciting and instead decided to date Brian Njunge.

The two eventually tied the knot and have since been living as a man and wife and Brian seems to subscribe to the notion of “happy wife, happy life”.

Kuwa mboch inalipa kushinda kuwa bank teller? Risper Faith pays hers 80K!

Everything she wants, she gets. Everyone she wants, she hires. And I guess this goes to show just how good a provider Brian is.

Blaqy, dancehall artiste who introduced Risper faith to Kenyans is back

And just to stamp that fact a little further, he bought his wife Risper Faith a new 3 million shilling second hand Prado and we are impressed. Take a bow Brian, take a bow. Check out the video below: