Robert Burale posted a photo of himself when he was a baby. And he looks so cute, almost like a girl.

He captioned the throwback moment;

Yours Truly Robert Burale … @mwalimchurchill would say ” tell your neighbour you must have been a cute baby 🤣🤣

The beautiful baby has grown up to a man of many hats. He is an event host, an inspirational speaker, an image consultant, a marketing strategist, and an actor.

‘I look forward to marriage’ Pastor Burale gives tips on marriage

He has quite the looks, well, you can see where he nurtured it from. His love for fashion is impeccable. To some point, many have referred to him as a fashion cop.

This esteemed speaker is one considered to be the best MC in Kenya and among the top ten in Africa.

He is the person behind the Robert Burale school of leadership and the CEO of readily bold company. The baby actually grew to make his mama and his parents proud.

Robert is the greatest public speaker you can ever ask. His words are full of hope and quite encouraging. He was the founder of the naked truth talk show that is intended to uplift those who have lost hope.

Robert Burale has always actively talked about the negative elements of twa twa. He’s never embarrassed to share a sneak peek of his past mistakes with his audience. Robert wrote a book called ‘strip club to the pulpit’. It is a book that covers the intricate life of a campus student to the most respected and admired public figure.

Baby Robert has these cute eyes that look as blunt as his advice on dating and fashion and marriage.

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