They say the hair is a woman’s crown and we believe it that we have become quite comfortable with our hair especially when it comes to natural hair.

But sometime your hair needs a protective hairstyle and that’s where weaves, wigs and braids come in. As much as some people state that women don’t need weaves to look good, we still need the protective hairstyles.

Nairobi has been super hot of late and the dust is just making it hard to stay for a while with your hair. But braids are basically a girl’s Saviour at this time.

It’s quite easy to protect and manage your hair when it rains because braids protect it from shedding.

Of late, there have been different braid styles that women have been rocking and I hear some are even inspired by Black Panther and are called Wakanda braids.

Well, whether Wakanda or Fulani braids, these 7 female celebrities look stunning in these braids;

Amina Abdi

Amina is rocking this style like a goddess. I should this style next time.

Anita Nderu

She always stylish and she has now decided to kill with this bomb a** hairstyle. How many of you dig it?

Patricia Kihoro

If you are a daring person, why not try out fairy lights as an accessory like Patricia Kihoro. But and learn when it’s convenient for your to wear them

Joanna Kinuthia

Sometimes styling your braids can be hard. Try and let them fall like Joanna has done is this photo. Isn’t she lovely?

Sheila Ndinda

Putting accessories on your braids give it a more lively and chic look. Beads anyone?

Sharon Ng’ang’a

Now this is a daring hairstyle you can borrow a leaf or two from Sharon’s style book.

Diana Marua

It’s said that when mothers are breastfeeding, their hair tends to shed especially the hairline. So why not try out this neat lines like Diana and protect that hairline.

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