Kenya police are becoming too much.

Instead of serving Kenyans, they have turned out to be beasts. Some of the things they do leave us wondering what kind of beings they are.

Brutality, torture are just some of the things that describe these men and women in blue uniforms.

A video of a group of policemen harassing popular actress Nelly Kabobo Maina from the award-winning programme ‘Ngahiha cia Wendo’ has gone viral.

According to eye witnesses, Kabobo was traveling in one of the fancy Rongai matatus and unluckily the conductor of the matatu was arrested by the police. Nelly alighted the matatu and headed towards the police vehicle the tout was being held to ask for her change but this did not go well with the cops.

A female police and other two male officers mishandled her. They basically assaulted her and almost stripped her naked. 


“But why are Kenyan cops such a pain?? Thank you Vanessa for being so brave to record this. Story is, the lady being manhandled demanded her change from a conductor who had been arrested by the same cops!! Nelly Kabobo Maina stay strong mummy!” Anto Neosoul was the first one to share the video.

Humprey: Police harassing Nelly Kabobo Maina. Is it wrong to ask for tour change from a Conductor!? Even if the conductor has been arrested.

Nelly Kabobo Maina

Cindy: Nelly Kabobo Maina pole sana dear. This is just wrong. You cannot treat people like this coz they ask for what is theirs

Patience: This is just so wrong….I once lalad ndani coz of asking that same question on the same route arrested by a lady cop….. Cops on l.a rd are just something else kwanza the ladies😱😱😱…..Nelly Kabobo Maina Pole mami….

Macharia: The police are so “cruel” for its their obligation so to do. Nelly, kulingana nami, hajakosewa. Amewakosea polisi, akajikosea mwenyewe na akakosea taifa. Huenda atafungwa jela miezi kadhaa.

Onyango: This is beyond upsetting I’m hoping Nelly Kabobo Maina is okay….I’m sorry she had to go through that….. and I do hope those buggers are reprimanded

Resma: So wrong on a thousand and one levels! Pole Nelly KaboboMaina. Any updates so far?

Njoroge: This is just heartbreaking. Our cops should learn how to respect human rights. It’s not right to harass a citizen. Hope she gets justice

Tosh: guys, we need to start trending #justicefornelly on Facebook and twitter until these cops are brought to book, especially Multimedia University of Kenya alumni. Sorry for the horrific experience Nelly Kabobo Maina.

Nelly: I’m sorry Nelly Kabobo Maina for the ordeal I hope you get the justice you deserve because yenyewe umekosewa.