Akothee is not okay and she is seeking for your prayers as she goes through finding and fixing herself.

She had a planned out tour in Europe but had to cut it short after realizing she is not as active as she should be.

Please allow me share with you that ,tonight will be the last show for the Europe tour due to very sensitive issues within my organization.the brand has overgrown my current organization and I feel my head on my neck 😭😭 kindly after the cologne show tonight , allow me fix me first, because if I don’t fix myself first😭 I am going to lose everything🤔 as a mother , an artiste, an entrepreneur, an entertainer and a mentor .

She has confessed that because she is not in her right state of mind, emotionally and physically, she will not be able to perform her duties as a mother, an artiste and entrepreneur.

The situation seems to really weigh Akothee down. She even confesses that she has been slowly digging her own grave.

I can not motivate you or inspire you when I am broken and down, I cannot entertain you when my heart is full of pain and worries , I cannot grow bigger if the wealth I already accumulated is not attended to or taken care of 🤔 I am a person who never live in fantasy or miracles , I am a person who belives in hard work and brings responsible RESULTS .its all rubbish to even think that things happens automatically, I took a break to come to Europe and look at my life from a distance , and I have realized, that I have been digging an early grave😎 I have no one to blame here, I am not even going to blame myself because I can still fix it , its hard and heavy 🤔 what I control ,🤔 some people would be in hospital everywhere for burn out , God has given me energy , brain and a good heart , he will not allow me suffer ♥ 🙏

Now she is crying out to God asking him to help her fix herself. She has also requested her fans and family to pray for her so that she can overcome this situation.

‘I got to the hotel and broke down’ Akothee narrates traumatic fan experience


Intercessory prayers are very powerful and that is why Akothee has publicly declared she needs you.

Her daughter was one of the first people to assure her that she will be fine because she will pray for her.

You’ll be fine mama❤️❤️❤️❤️we pray for you always too

We do hope she will get better because we miss the drama she brings to our lives on social media when she decides to call people out.

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