So we all remember that not too long ago, a lady called Layla came out claiming that she was pregnant with Drake’s baby. The published cover model had screenshots of a conversation between her and Drake as well as pregnancy test papers to prove what she was saying was not a lie. She did not stop there, she went on claiming that she is not the one who looked for Drake but rather it was the other way round.

Drake Accused Of Getting A Lady Pregnant (Photos)



However, all the effort she put into concocting her story blew up in her face when Djspadenyc, the person who allegedly told her that Drake wanted her number exposed her revealing the truth about the whole situation. He posted a screenshot of his conversation with her on his Instagram exposing Layla and her lies. In the screenshot, she admitted that it was all a publicity stunt and all she wanted was to make that paper.

layla exposed

Just like Djspadenyc predicted, Layla has since then started facing issues as her Instagram account was deleted and she claims it’s not her that deleted it. Instagram is among the social media sites models use to create publicity for themselves. Oh well, looks like she is going to have to start over from scratch.


Layla's page

She posted a screenshot of her inactive account and commented, “Now my page is shut down 😂😂 that won’t stop me. All you did was push me to start getting paid to talk. Thank you 😘 @champagnepapi” referring to Drake. Considering the fact that the cat is out of the bag, she is definitely going to have a harder time gaining back the number of followers she had before. Most people are referring to her as a phony and a fake. Not to mention the Die hard Drake fans are on her case.

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