Kamene Goro is out here to save the girl child from the troublesome man. The man who paints himself as a good wealthy guy but he is a scam.

She lists down the man you should run away from this festive season.

“This guy has a hair cut till high level. His nails are nice and clean manicured. He dresses so well. He is the guy who wears shorts on the weekend with a fold at the hemp and a floral shirt to show off his legs. and he has pink lips. He claims to be a feminist. Every weekend he is out of town. He drives a German car.” Kamene said

She went ahead to warn women if they see such men, the best thing is to run.

Babes of you see such a man, run when he says his career is a paper chaser.

Kibe has always called out Kamene for being a lady who likes DJ’s. He said the list she has presented is a vivid description of a DJ.

“when you started your list I saw a couple of Dj’s” Kibe said

Kamene Goro on the day she chased a stinky man out of her home

The other warning Kamene gave her women listeners is that this festive season they should avoid having flings with summer bunnies. The simple reason is they will go back home and leave you all alone. So be careful.

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