Sauto Sol were in Tanzania and they gave a rather captivating interview on Diamond’s radio station, Wasafi FM. While there, they spoke on all things music and even touched on Nigerian dominance on the African entertainment scene but today we are discussing their take on KFCB and the clowns there who banned Rayvanny and Diamond’s song Tetema.

You see, KFCB’s CEO has announced that he is unhappy with the fact that politicians are dancing along to some songs he deems immoral. On that rather shortlist is Sailors’ Wamlambez and as mentioned earlier, Rayvanny and Diamond’s Tetema.

The lads of the biggest band/ group in East Africa astutely mentioned that the ban only served as free publicity for the songs as even the few who haven’t heard them will now want to sate their curiosity.

This is what Chimano said,