Betty Kyallo

Kenyans are not known for their timidity nor are they known for exercising better judgement while online.

I have to admit I am happy to watch their antics whenever they collectively decide they have a common foe. This time, that foe would be Betty Kyallo.

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What do I mean by this? Well, last week, Betty Kyallo posted what she thought to be an innocuous picture of herself with her bae. She, however, thinking herself the wisest of the wise, put an emoticon over his face.

That only served to earn the ire of her followers and fans online with some even going as far as to announce they have seen this mystery man come and pick her up from work.

This has led me to believe that sites like Mpasho will never go out of business because Kenyans have a peculiar compulsion to gossip. Check out some of the statements Betty Kyallo’s followers and fans had for her and her new relationship:

As you can see, not everyone is convinced she really is in a relationship. Most think she is on her Zari tip… Faking it till she makes it.

What about you? Let us know what you think and feel about Betty’s new relationship.