Diamond And Zari

Wow! I never saw this twist coming! Who would have thought that in a huge, wide world, Diamond Platnumz and Zari would have been in the same area. Or perhaps they would have wound up in the same hotel?

Zari’s King Bae exposed! Diamond, come see your replacement (PHOTO)

Well, that is if you believe what Tanzanian media is spewing up about the two. And who can blame them? The Tanzanian social media sleuths have been digging up photos as evidence that the two are at the same hotel, one of Trump’s and this is the result:

When we at Kiss 100, however, checked and guess what, Zari is in Chicago and there is a Trump hotel there. Diamond is in New York following his performance there over the weekend.

Image result for scandalous+gif

No, really,

Diamond Platnumz buys diamond chains worth millions!

Another reason why this is a very likely rumour is because we know for a fact that Zari has immense animus towards Diamond. Afterall, there is no coitus experience quite as passionate as coitus that occurs after a fight right? Hmmm?


And incase you do not understand sarcasm then this article has gone right over your head.