Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew

It seems 2019 started on a different note for Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew as he has been offering advice to his fans on social media.

By now y’all know he had a nasty breakup with his ex Elodie Zone, but things have changed and he’s been doing things quite differently.

Well, he took to social media to ask his fans to ask him any question and one of his fans asked him, “How does someone deal with heartbreak?”


Sean went ahead and gave a really sincere answer telling the fan,

You’ve gotta find yourself again because you were used to your identity with your ex…. Teach yourself something that will help you grow and ffs don’t go back it’ll only hurt you more.

Not so long ago, he revealed that everyone he has ever dated approached him first unlike the norm where guys approach ladies.

“Fun fact, everyone I’ve ever dated approached me first

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