The second edition of Churchill’s initiative, the Laugh Industry–The Laugh Festival will be taking place next week. The event will kick off at the KICC Comesa Grounds from 6 p.m, on Monday 11th December 2017.


The event will once again feature Africa’s top Comedians including Nigeria’s funniest man Basket Mouth alongside our very own Churchill and Churchill Show comedians: MC Jessy, Dr Ofweneke, Prof. Hamo, Obinna, Sleepy, Jasper, Aman and Emmanuel.


East Africa’s comedy cocktail will include first timers: Uganda’s original pioneer female stand up comedian Cotilda Inapo and MC Pili Pili from Tanzania, who will be joined by Kenyan bonafide stars: Jalang’o and Teacher Wanjiku.


Uganda’s beloved comedian: Salvado and Rwanda’s Nkusi Arthur will also be be making a return to the festival. Initiated last year, the event has established itself as a platform for showcasing the best of African comedy.  It also presents Kenyan audiences with world-class entertainment right at the KICC – one of Kenya’s most iconic venues.


From captivating stage entrances to powerful stage performances, all fans of comedy and entertainment – prepare for a night of rib cracking fun, with jokes set to range from topics including culture, trending topics, food and hilarious spins on everyday life. It will most likely be a blast for those who attend.

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