Last Friday, singer Jimmy Gait was on the Trend, and while speaking to host Anita Nderu, he broke down saying he feels Kenyans keep insulting him and more so think he is trash because of one bad song.

It seemed a very uncomfortable moment for the host, but who are Kenyans with chills. They took to social media to troll him and some of their reactions to him weeping will honestly leave your ribs cracking.

The Trend regular host Larry Madowo was not on the show, but wherever he is he has definitely heard or read about the drama following the studio interview.

Here’s what he thinks about it. He took to his social media to react stating that

“Jimmy Gait breaking down while talking about cyber bullying is one of the realest moments I’ve seen on TV”

This only appeared to make KOT come for Jimmy Gait even more. Read more comments below, ridiculing the singer for weeping on national TV.

This comment from Larry elicited more reactions from social media. The jokes just don’t stop huh?

WanguJasmineMost people commit suicide due to cyber bullying. It’s to see JG in this condition. However, his gospel songs should be inspirational.

Judy MuriithiThank you for this. Many can troll, mock and dish out the memes but very few can handle this kind of heat. I personally found this moving.

Marita K He’s still talking about ‘clubs’ and ‘events’ like…dude you make gospel music. The bullying was unnecessary but who is the music for?

Cold Manu eLkati ya Jimmy Gate na Jaguar, nani atashinda crying award of the year kwa Groove

Mr. NeezyReal men don’t cry

Seriously Kenyan‏ he started it…. now why is he crying… .mshow tu mbinguni hakuna machozi

Thuku KariukiI never knew that cyber bullying could be so real. It is very disheartening and I feel very ashamed for participating in such hurtful acts.

Lynn 254Yesu ndio handkerchief

Silas Lusava‏ @silaslusava Really? Alilia kwa sababu arsenal hawatacheza UCL ama cyber bullying.Natandika mkeka unipashe