Our dreams are valid. This is something Chipukeezy can comfortably say, to your face. The comedian started out performing in the Churchill Show. He rocked that and since then, he has hit the road running.

With the help of Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill as his mentor, Chipukeezy curved a niche for himself and built his brand. He is now doing it big on his own.

Chipukeezy did his his first ever one-man-show-stand-up comedy in Dubai last year, and he definitely wowed the crowd with his rib-cracking jokes. He is now rubbing shoulders with big wigs. Yaani, Pan African big wigs.

chipukeezy 1

The comedian was invited to perform at Anne Kansiime’s show in Kampala, Uganda at the Imperial Royal Hotel. He even got the chance to share the same stage with the iconic South African songbird, Yvonne Chaka Chaka. Yes, you heard that right.


It’s clear that nothing is stopping Chipukeezy from achieving his dreams.