Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani/ Instagram

China Love hitmaker, Victoria Kimani is saddened after a man grabbed her behind during a show.

Kimani shared a photo of herself making an entrance for a show that was packed to capacity as organizers tried to control the crowd.

She accompanied the photo with a confession saying that the man that had assaulted her was slapped, urging ‘BOYS’ to stop touching women without their consent.

“To the guy that grabbed my a$$, That HOT SLAP you got in the Face by the security detail…. You fully deserved it! BOYS Stop touching GIRLS without their consent! #ENDRAPECULTURE 📸.”

she added:


Victoria KImani

Fans also had something to say:

katiti.kiteta You tell them mommy 📣📣📣and moreover report and block anyone that argues otherwise 🤷🏾‍♀️

simaloileina Some comments here make me feel very sad in the way women have been institutionally sexualized over generational time. It is not going to end soon but that is damn stupidity and disrespectful for a man to put a woman in such a position. I’m very sorry you had to encounter that and in this time women need to speak up about matters like this and not let things slide. We should never be made uncomfortable by a man who believes has a right to view us and interact with us as sexually as he wants to. #endrapeculture

irokobristol victoriakimani These are stupid boys that lack respect, real men show ladies respect and also respect themselves. There are real men outhere! Ladies keep ur head up.

escrava_esaura Jeeez why cant men with little minds just grow up!!😈😈😈 . Shame on you men that treat women like this. Pllllzzz we aint #samantha …and i bet some of this men that behave bad cant even afford the #samantha itself. We girls/women deserve respect. Feeling for you Vickie

ondirooganga Baby girl am so sorry for what happened. Thank you for being bold and speaking out. Whether an artist or a business person or a medical practitioner, women need to be respected at their place of work

denzel_misati 🤦🏽‍♂It’s such a shame that some guys (boys in this case) still think no-consent-ass-grabbing is cool, let alone a thing SMH!

timbrownian He deserved it, must u follow what your thirst says, some men are really stupid, sorry abt that Queen V 🙏💙