Suzziah is not only a millionaire but she also got a new man, yes, courtesy of Adelle and Shaffie.

Suzziah was playing God with the two presenters during The Morning Kiss on Breakfast with the Stars, who actually helped her create an ideal man, perfect only in her world.


The rules were she uses Kenyan male celebrities to construct an ideal man and what she came up with was absolutely amazing.

The Next Millionaire In Town Gets Candid With Adelle And Shaffie! Here Is Her Next Plan!

Let’s break it down for you;


1. Face

She chose the face of Kenya’s hottie…Nick Mutuma!



2. Lips

The face and the lips have to go together right?



3. Body

She chose the body of the man ladies can’t get enough of! Shiv Justgymit!


Kiss TV’s The Search Winner Suzziah Talks About Being A Millionaire

4. Personality

Being around someone with a character like Njugush’s would make her laugh all day, every day!


4. Fashion sense

Chimano of Sauti Sol is quite a fashionista and Suzziah choosing his kinda style is perfect!


If this was a perfect world Suzziah would have walked out of the studio with a drop dead gorgeous ninja!