Kiss FM’s Shaffie Weru has warned Kenyan parents about the new age pornographers masquerading as Instagram photographers.

The radio presenter gave a detailed account of how teenagers are being recruited into the escort business unknowingly.

This happens when they are befriended by the Instagram photographers who promise a free ‘photo shoot’ and then ask them if they are willing to meet older men who will finance their flashy lifestyle.

Others become professional house party escort.


Shaffie Weru wrote, “Guys, the young men ranging from 19 to 26 years old are setting up “makeshift studios” in their mothers’ posh backyard garages or down town Nairobi. They then advertise their cheap services to younglings on the Gram.”

He continued, “Yaani, Kenyan parents should really worry about these photographers, aka pornographers. They’re the new age ‘professional’ mafisi chaps. Siku za maproducer harassing your little princess, who has a dream to do music, is over. Yaaani, O.V.E.R! There is a new predator in town. They are now known as sniper pornographers, who shoot for leisure and pleasure. And if the ladies cannot afford, they are given alternative ways of paying for the studio session. The first offer is for you to sleep with the photographer. And the second offer is to go on a “date” as an escort of an older man.”



Shaffie continues saying that the girls are easy prey because they are looking for fame.

They all want to gain followers on social media like Vera Sidika, Corazon Kwamboka and Huddah, who were made famous by photographers such BuoArt. These girls also take risque photos for online use because they are chasing likes, infamy and traffic to their social media pages. In the process, they are not only taking photos but they are also being lured into drug addiction and weekend orgies,” he added.


Shaffie cautioned that the side effect of all this is long term because the affected girls who are lured into this eventually regret the move.

Then these kids are too shy or worried to go tell anyone that they were taken advantage of. They’d rather confide in their bestie of the same age, who will give them superior pupu advice. This cycle is then perpetuated by older girls, who keep recruiting their peers with promises of money, fame and adventure.”