Shaffie Weru is not a new name in these streets as he has made his name a brand on its own.
For years, he has made headlines, be it because of being an amazing radio presenter or his over the top MC game.
One thing that we have to give it to him is fashion sense. I mean, this guy is a fashion killa and a trendy ninja. His clothes, shoes, watches hell even his cars have left us mouth wide open.
He has mastered his taste and what works for him.
Being a shoeholic is something serious and you just can’t help yourself when you see a hot pair or more and Shaffie is exactly a perfect example.
If Shaffie would take all his shoes and put in a room with shelves, someone would mistake it for a shoe shop, because he’s on a roll when it comes to getting them kicks.
Shaffie Weru's bike
Well, his latest pair is not just an ordinary shoe. He is rocking Balenciaga Triple S and if you know Balenciaga, you know they have sick shoes.
This pair of shoe costs around $1,400 which if we convert, will be around 140,000 shillings. Yes. Shaffie coughed that amount for a pair of shoe. But what is money?
Check out the pair below;