Akothee is mad at her daughter.

As she is busy vouching for Kenyans to embrace #playkemusic, her baby girl Fancy Makadia is jamming to Lingala music,  day after successfully completing her exams.

She stumbled upon this video on social media so she reposted it saying:

see my 13,000 Euros (1.5 million)🤔🤔🤔, is this one really in school. this is my money i would have bought drinks for my birthday and to make matters worse she is not dancing to my song 🤔@fancy_makadia warathis 🤣😂😂😂 see school fees on the streets ooh, maybe I am jealous coz she got moves better than mine 🤣😂 jealousy and watches are in same class

In case it wasn’t clear to you, school fees for Akothee’s daughter is Sh1.5 million, and this gorgeous artiste has 5 children. Pesa Otas!

Fancy Makadia assured her mother not to worry because in as much she is having fun, she is also working really hard.

don’t worry mum. 😂😂😂😂 I am studying hard. it just that today is on a Sunday😂😂

The relationship Akothee has with her children is to be envied because they are close and she does not shy away from posting them on social media despite all the trolls.

Akothee confesses that she once threatened to commit suicide

Akothee has added to her list of children. She recently adopted a girl from Turkana after donating some food with the help of her fans.

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