Social media is full of evil people and they are always eagerly waiting to troll people and belittle them and that’s exactly what they’ve done to Miss Mandi.

Miss Mandi was badly trolled for exposing her chest, when she attended an event.

Twitter went crazy when the photos were posted and as always, twitter users never waste time when they see an opportunity to troll someone.

They went all out bashing her for over exposing her boobs, with some wondering if she even looked at herself in the mirror before leaving the house. People can be mean, yo!

Read some of the hash comments;

Gikonyo: Did that lady even take time to look at herself.

Mathew: Even team mafisi can look at the cleavage twice! Embarrassed of this lady! Tell her to go dress up!

Maina: In a show of might….oh sorry show of mammary glands. one  would understand if this was a brookside event.decency people! decency!

Gary: Izo nyonyo zimeanguka kuliko bei ya unga jo

Fred: Just wondering how the lady with a wardrobe malfunction is helping to promote your corporate image

Brian: I think this boobs woman is out of place, I mean look at the other beautiful ladies and gentlemen, they are so decent and well collected! It’s good to be different but not this way…

Daniel: That lady looks like she just got out of bed or was walking to the shower just before this picture was taken..

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