Janet Mbugua is a Kenyan media personality, former news anchor and actress. Of late, she has been working with creating awareness on why it is important for kids to wash their hands.


She has just been doing a lot where community is concerned. She is among the few Kenyan celebrities who use the power that they have to impact the society positively.

With all that aside, Janet posted a photo of herself when she was in her early 20’s. She wrote things she would have said to her younger self.

Janet Mbugua

This #ThrowbackThursday has me feeling introspective. I came across these images of me (more to follow later). I’m 22 years old in this particular photo. Playful, naive, contemplative still. If I could, I’d tell this young lady to begin self-love very early on, that she’s on a journey that will shake her and rattle her but ultimately leave her blessed, wiser, more loving, more lovable. That people will persecute her and celebrate her all at once and that’s ok, she’ll strike a balance within herself so that the noise all around her won’t shake her from her roots. That being a #LadyInBloom is a wonderful thing and she should never stop dancing! 🌺💖What would you say to your younger self?

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