He revealed he got engaged to his long-term love Cherry Seaborn last month.

And now Ed Sheeran his opened up about his relationship with the consultant to pal Taylor Swift in a behind-the-scenes video of the making of their song End Game and in particular the inspiration behind his rap verse in the smash hit.

The 26-year-old Grammy winner revealed in the short video how Taylor, 28, had a helping hand in kick starting his relationship with his now fiancée.

Talking about their collaborative track, Taylor asked Ed about the thought process behind his lyrics for End Game.

She began: ‘I wanna talk about the Fourth of July line because that makes me really happy.’

To which he answered: ‘Well, you see, it’s kind of a play on words — well, not really a play on words. There’s a film with Tom Cruise called Born on the Fourth of July. My relationship started on the Fourth of July.’

Engaging in some hilarious banter, Taylor playfully teased: ‘At whose house?’

Ed then gave the award-winning singer-songwriter credit for her part in nurturing their romance.

He added: ‘At Taylor’s house. So the story was, I was at Taylor’s party, and then a girl I went to school with who’s pretty cool ended up being in Rhode Island…  I was like, “Taylor, can she turn up?” And here we are.’

Before, Taylor gushed over Cherry: ‘Ugh, she is the coolest.’

A year following Taylor’s annual Fourth of July bash, she helped commemorate the pair’s anniversary with a rib-tickling pun-filled sign.

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Taylor asked: ‘Remember the sign that I made for your first anniversary?’, which Ed quipped: ‘Happy Anniversa-Cherry?’

She corrected her pal: ‘Happy Ed-iver-Cherry! I’m still excited about it. It took me so long to think of both of your names…’.

In January, Ed announced he got down on bended knee to girlfriend Cherry on social media with a sweet Instagram post of the pair kissing, as he revealed that he proposed last year but chose to keep the news private until now.

Ed informed his 18.9 million followers at the time: ‘Got myself a fiancé just before new year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well xx’.

The singer met Cherry, 25, when they were both students at Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham, Suffolk, when Ed had a crush on the pretty brunette.

But the pair were separated when Cherry left high school to attend Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

Ed did not begin dating the consultant – a keen hockey player who competed in British University Championships – until 2015, when she was working on Wall Street, the financial district of New York.

To combat the long-distance, the pair spent most of 2016 travelling the world together as Ed took a year off from the music business.

In December that year, Cherry transferred to the London office so that she could move in with Ed and the pair have been blissfully happy since.

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Speaking last year, the Perfect hitmaker revealed there was potential for their relationship to become a ‘marriage thing’, as he reasoned: ‘I’m pretty… yeah I feel pretty good about it.’

Ed went on to confess he’d ‘love’ to start a family with his old school pal. He said on Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Ed said: ‘Yeah, potentially. I would like some kids.’

Of their sweet yet simple life together, he told Clash magazine: ‘I always thought to have a really good career, you always had to be incredibly unhappy, and I always thought to be really happy, you had to have a bad career, because I didn’t see the balance of the two.

‘And I’ve realised that that’s obviously bulls**t, and just what you tell yourself to justify it.

‘I live with Cherry now. We’ve got cats, we have takeaways and watch movies, we have people round for dinner. I’ve never had that.’

The Grammy winning-artist revealed last year that he’d finally had the chance to fall in love after taking a break from music.

‘This has been the first time I’ve ever actually had the time to fall in love properly,’ he told Zane Lowe on Beats 1. ‘I’ve always got into relationships very passionately – I’m a redhead and also Irish.’

He also explained he wanted to start a family, revealing: ‘I’m ready, let’s go – tour bus babies, little fat, chubby babies that just walk around.’

The end of 2017 was a cause of celebration for Ed, not just with his engagement, as he managed to scoop the Christmas Number 1 with his song Perfect, featuring Beyonce.

Modest Ed revealed it was an ‘actual dream come true’ and he was ‘very proud’ to reach the top spot with Perfect – that was inspired by his girlfriend Cherry.

Of his win, he told OfficialCharts.com: ‘Thank you very much for making Perfect Christmas Number 1. This is an actual dream come true and I’m very proud and happy.’

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