Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe have had one of the most epic and long-running beef Kenyans have ever witnessed. The two were once friends with each helping the other when times got lean. It is, however, recorded that Vera Sidika came upon her come up much sooner that Huddah did and for a while, Huddah even slept in a corridor in Vera’s SQ in Kileleshwa.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown

“You are sad and your smiles fake” Otile Brown takes shots at Vera Sidika

Back then, al Huddah had to her name was a matress and the clothes on her back and the two would go a-trolloping to places like Sankara. Damn, that was back in 2012/ 13. Anyway, the pair soon had a huge social media following and with that came bloated egos. Huddah and vera went their separate ways and while Huddah found herself in Big Brother Africa, Vera was busy bleaching her skin and having her breasts augmented.

vera sidika

Fans attempt to snatch 100,000/- Vera Sidika’s wig off her head

Vera revealed all this in a tell-all rant she engaged in one late night when she was drunk and Huddah too has had her slip-ups taking shots at Vera whenever she gets sloppy drunk and has a phone with bundles next to her.

Huddah Monroe reviews and critiques “Akothee” sextape

Vera was recently at the Wasafi FM studio where she granted them an interview and boy was it a hoot. She revealed that she already let bygones remain just that and she has no ill will towards Huddah but Huddah insists on bringing Vera up all the time.