Music is a universal language but many East African artistes have used it as a means for them to express words they cannot put on social media.

When they confess their thoughts in lyrics in a catchy beat, it is easy for it to be noticed as something bizarre.

Let me be the one to give you a few shocking confessions your favorite artistes have made.

  1. Ethic

In their famous song Pandana, the chorus has the words, ‘Pandana, minayo bas tunabakana‘. The word ‘bakana‘ is swahili for rape so could they be meaning they are rough in bed or the actual meaning?

2. P-unit

One of Kenya’s oldest boy group that is still relevant in their famous song, ‘Dirunk‘ where he says “mimi hupenda kupita na zile zimebleki‘ meaning they take ladies who are too drunk home.

Please note most of the men in the video are married.

3. Diamond

He is the master of confession when it comes to his lyrics. In one of his songs, Inama, he says he does not see or talk to his children. In Sikomi, he says that he cheated on Zari and in all his song he has mentioned he is good in bed.

4. Mbosso

Manz talks about how good he is with women especially in bed. In his song, Hodari, he says in bed he is good and he goes slow.

5. Savara

In Sauti Sol’s song, Short and Sweet, Savara confesses his package is 6 inches.

7. Timmy T Dat

His song with Otile Brown Wembe, he says ‘The shorter the monkey the bigger the tail they like it when I delay‘.

8. Willy Paul

He has become the master of lyrics after his shift to secular music. The famous song , Hallelujah, his chorus is a repetition of ‘My actions are slow but they’ll make you say hallelujah’. If you know you know.

How Diamond was caught cheating on Tanasha at her baby shower

9. Khaligraph

At least someone sho is not talking about s*x. He confesses he can be a bad thief in his song, Ngori. ‘Sisi ndo hupita na vibeti za watu zikiwa kwa mkono.’ We steal people’s bags when they are just in their hands.

10. Otile

Just when they broke up with Vera so much bile was going on between the two and he released a song, Niacheni, saying she aborted his child.

It can only be expressed in a song.

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